Can Nathamon Help Me Find A Thai Partner?

Nathamon is the perfect person to help you find a Thai partner. She’s an expert in the field of Thai/Westerner relationships. Nathamon, besides being in love with a Westerner for 8 years, has written several books on the subject of romance between the cultures and has several informational DVDs.

As the owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. Nathamon understands the powerful forces that attract Thai ladies and Western men to each other. In short, there is no one better to help you find a sensational Thai partner.

Why is Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. So Special?

Finding you the wonderful Thai partner you are looking for is Nathamon’s life’s work. And really, that’s what makes Meet Me Now Bangkok Co. Ltd. so special. We’re not a bland internet dating page where you’re left on your own after paying your membership fees. No No No, We’re a real company, with a real location in Bangkok, and with real people working for your best interests.

Want to talk with someone about the dating adventure you’re contemplating? It’s as simple as calling our office during business hours (in Thailand). You won’t get a call center in another country, you’ll talk to our friendly staff, or Nathamon herself if you like!

What Can Nathamon Do For Me?

A lot! Nathamon has met each of our platinum ladies and knows them personally. She knows what the ladies are looking for and, when she knows what you’re looking for, she is very adept at matching you with a terrific Thai partner. Chances are very good that after speaking with you Nathamon will already have several potential matches in mind to get you started.

You'll Smile Big When You Marry Your Thai Partner

Nathamon has helped many Western men find the perfect Thai partner!

How Do I Meet My Potential Thai Partner?

That’s Nathamon’s specialty! It’s natural to be nervous about going to a foreign country and maybe even more nerve-wracking to be going on dates with unbelievably beautiful and graceful Thai girls. That’s where Nathamon is at her best. She’s going to get the two of you together in a relaxing environment where you can get to know each other without any pressure.

The MMN team is going to take care of you and make sure you have a safe and fun time in Thailand. The dates will be organized, the locations will be chosen, and the transportation will be provided. Your only job is to be yourself. Then you’ll be well on your way to meeting a fabulous Thai partner.

I’m Ready To Meet A Thai Partner. When Can I Get Started?

You can get started as soon as you’re ready. Why not right now? It’s as simple as clicking the “Express Your Interest Now” button on the top right hand side of this page. We’ll then send you our free information package with everything you need to know to get you started.  You can also read more about our service here.   The great thing is, there’s no obligation whatsoever.

If you just can’t wait, you’re in good company! Many of our Western men are so excited when they discover our service they just have to call. Feel free to do the same thing. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll get your Thai dating event started right away. Once you meet your new Thai partner, life will never be the same.

For more information on how to find your Thai wife using our Thai Lady Dating Events service contact us now on 02 667 0068.